1. Introduction

1.1 PORTSMOUTH City Council supports Charity, Voluntary and Community sector organisations because we believe that a vibrant Third Sector is vital to our community. The city council is committed to supporting organisations that deliver projects and activities which have a beneficial impact on the local community.

2. Scope

2.1 This policy applies only to the allocation of the Portsmouth Lottery funds to the Third Sector. It does not apply to any other means of financial support from the city council that may be available under other schemes.

3. Purpose of Lottery Funding

3.1 The city council has introduces the Portsmouth Lottery in response to the increasing pressures on local authorities' community funding budgets. The lottery has been established to offer an innovative solution to help the voluntary and community sector (VCS) to gain access to new funding streams following the cessation of Portsmouth City Council's (PCC) Community Funding.

3.2 Funding will only be provided where it can be demonstrated that a defined impact will be made. Organisations should demonstrate an outcomes focus in applications for funding. Applicants are encouraged to demonstrate how the funding will achieve support for projects run by charities, voluntary groups and clubs and organisations.

3.3 Portsmouth City Council residents will be the main recipients of the funding. The city council will require that all funding awards support the city's wider goal:

"Working together to shape the great waterfront city".

Our goal is designed to be simple, reflecting the fact that although we are a diverse organisation, everything we do is designed to make the city a better place and improve life for our residents.

Funding will be awarded to those good causes that can demonstrate support for:

  • Community Development & Support
  • Disability
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Social Enterprise
  • Supporting Family Life
  • Counselling / Advice/ Mentoring
  • Education & Training
  • Poverty & Disadvantage
  • Social Inclusion
  • Community Development & Support - Older people
  • Crime prevention
  • Employment & labour
  • Racial & Cultural integration
  • Sports & Recreation

3.4 The city council retains the right to publicise all beneficiaries of the lottery funding and the specific objectives that the funding will be used for.

4. Which organisations are eligible to apply for funding?

4.1 The eligible groups for funding include:

  • a)
    • Charities
    • Clubs
    • Societies
    • Associations
    • Community interest companies
    • Social enterprises
    • Please note: Applicants for funding must operate within the Portsmouth city limits, providing facilities, activities or services for the benefit of residents.
  • b) it can demonstrate the service it is providing by giving details of its activities and the number of people it is in contact with;
  • c) it actively promotes equality issues within its structure and operations;
  • d) all previous funding received from Portsmouth City Council has been spent in accordance with the funding award conditions attached to them;
  • e) All funding awards must be spent within 12 months of being awarded.;
  • f) Recipients of the funding awards will, wherever possible, acknowledge the funding award from The Portsmouth Lottery in its marketing collateral, website and premises.

4.2 The city council will not make funding awards to any organisation that it deems to be a political party, has the nature of a political party, or is engaged in campaigning for a political purpose or cause.

4.3 The city council will not provide funds for the furtherance or propagation of a faith promoted by any organisation which is, or is deemed by the city council to be, of a religious nature. This will not preclude religious organisations applying for assistance to provide social or welfare work connected with their organisation.

4.4 An organisation can only submit one application per year.

4.5 An organisation cannot submit an application year on year to fund the same item in subsequent years.

5. What will and will not be funded?

5.1 Funding will only be considered for work that will be undertaken in the city of Portsmouth and / or will be wholly or principally for the direct benefit of residents of the city of Portsmouth.

5.2 Awards cannot be used for retrospective funding; that is to replace money that has already been spent, or to cover items or services that have already been bought.

5.3 Any funding award must only be spent for the approved purpose, i.e. applicants must be able to demonstrate that the funding has been spent on the specific purpose outlined in the funding application form and detailed in the final funding offer letter by providing receipts / evidence.

5.4 Portsmouth City Council does not fund applications for structural purchases.

6. Risk considerations in funding awards

6.1 The city council acknowledges that the creativity and innovation of the VCS sector can carry risks for non-delivery, for example where a new idea does not work out as intended.

6.2 The city council uses the general principle of requiring a lower level of risk the higher the amount of funding provided. Maximum levels of funding will only be provided where the risk of non-delivery is very low.

6.3 In order to achieve an appropriate balance between managing risk and supporting innovative ideas or new organisations, a funding limit of 2,000 will apply to:

  • a) organisation that have been in existence for less than one year;
  • b) organisations that do not have audited accounts or
  • c) organisations that are not registered with either the Charity Commission or Companies House, or other appropriate government regulator.

6.4 Funding awards to VCS groups will be looked on more favourably where applications can demonstrate:

  • a) a strong evidence of need
  • b) evidence that the proposed approach is likely to achieve the desired outcomes
  • c) that the application does not contain high revenue costs that cannot be sustained
  • d) that a lasting benefit can be achieved

6.5 The higher the sum of money applied for - the greater the need for the applications to:

  • a) be from organisations with a good track record of delivery
  • b) be from organisations with a range of funding streams
  • c) meet wider aims of and objectives of the council

7. Funding conditions

7.1 Information of the conditions that will apply to funding awards will be made available to applicants before they apply.

7.2 All funding offers will be subject to the recipients accepting the funding conditions.

8. Assessment process

8.1 Applications must complete a standard application form and provide the supporting documents.

8.2 The closing date for applications will be the 15th of each month. We will let you know if you have been successful within 6 weeks of the application deadline - so please take this into consideration when planning your activity - payments will be made directly into your BACS account (unless otherwise requested) no later than six weeks from the date of consideration by the panel.

8.3 All funding applications will be assessed by the city council's lottery management panel. The panel will consist of a minimum of eight members, three of which will be elected Members. Conflicts of interest will be recorded and members with a conflict of interest for a particular funding application will not participate in the assessment of that application.

8.4 Unsuccessful applicants will be offered feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of their application by the administrator for the panel.

8.5 Appeals against the process used to award funding will be dealt with using Portsmouth City Council's complaints procedure. There is no right of appeal as to the decision outcome itself.